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[Bug]* Multiple Issues: List Columns And Reordering / Saved Presets / Deep Sky Outlines / More

Additional issues I am having:

Windows 10, Starry night Pro Plus version

When I add Barnard dark nebula to an observing list, it will not sync with SkySafari. SkySafari shows it as unrecognized even though the object is very much part of SkySafari’s database. This takes place with all Barnard dark nebula. Additionally, logs I enter in Starry Night for Barnard dark nebula show as unrecognized objects in SkySafari.

I am unable to save presents in C:\Program Files (x86)\Starry Night Pro Plus 8\Sky Data\View Options as I could in in Starry Night 7. There are no user defined presets. I can do a walk around by saving to a different location, closing Starry Night, move to C:\Program Files (x86)\Starry Night Pro Plus 8\Sky Data\View Options and reopen starry night.

All preloaded Favorites open with FOV enabled.

I am not able to manually move objects in observing list up or down in Observe – Observing List, selecting list and then edit. Objects are static. I cannot click and drag to reorder.

When interacting with Observing list on the right panel sort sorta works. For example, if I click to sort by Alt, it will move objects around and kinda sort by alt but not accurately so. If I sort again nothing happens. If I select a second column to sort like mag or rise nothing happens. The sort does not really work.

Advanced Find does not work at all when any database is selected. If any database is selected and type is Sun, comet, galaxy cluster, open cluster, any, all, and everything for type is selected, Starry Night returns no results. I cannot search for galaxy clusters at all.


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    Keiron Smith Official comment

    DevOps reference: (Favourite Files Toggle Global FOV Indicators ON) (Barnard Dark Nebula List & Logs Do Not Sync With SkySafari) (Objects In Observing Lists Can Not Be Reordered) (Observing List Columns Fail To Show Titles And Reorder Correctly) (Save Preset = All Source Catalogs ON Even If They Were Off When Saved) (Deep Sky Options > Object Outlines Are Only Shown If Images Option Is Toggled ON)

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    Shawn Grant

    Oh yeah, forgot one other thing. When I save a preset or snf file, when deepsky is turned on it turns on lynds nebulae. I turn this off and save and reload the snf and lynds nebulae are on. I cannot save a file with lynds nebulae in the off position sno or snf.

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    Shawn Grant

    And another issue. I can keep them rolling. Large open clusters like Mel 20, Hyades, and Mel 111 does not have an outline around them.

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Shawn,

    Thank you for the detailed reports, and please keep them rolling!

    I can reproduce most of your issues.  A couple issue I can not reproduce, or I find something different happens.

    Please save your presets to Simulation Curriculum\Starry Night 8 Prefs\View Options - this works for me.


    Please send me screenshots showing the search criteria selected when using the Advanced Find as I could bring up a list with comets, open clusters, etc.


    Regarding the Lynds Nebulae, I find ALL source catalogs are toggled on from a saved preset.  I don't see how you are getting just the one catalog.  Maybe you could make a short video showing this and upload to Dropbox or similar service?

    Thanks for your patience waiting for a reply!


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    Shawn Grant


    I'll keep them rolling as you and I have the same goals, to make Starry Night more groovy.

    The Lynds Nebulae, I want to save and .sno or .snf with that source catalog turned off. Actually I can't save with any specific source catalog in the off position. When I reload the file Lynds Nebulae is in the on position.

    I figured out the advanced search for the most part. I had my magnitude filter set too bright. It will find comets and open clusters when there is magnitude filter on and set to 15th or 20th. However, when I set the magnitude filter to any magnitude it will find nothing. It will not find galaxy clusters at all at any and all settings.










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