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[Windows Bug] "DSO: Add User image" to the celestial sphere has no error dialog popup & crashes SN8 if image size is greater than either 3999 px wide or approx 3850 px high

Unlike with add image for Solar System objects also described with issues in more detail towards the end of this post,

A)            There is no popup to warn the user that their image is out of bounds and SN8 crashes with the DSO add image = add image to the celestial sphere tool dialogue.

  •        The crash appears to be directly related to a specific max width & max height  image dimensions (& not due to the total number of pixels in the image or the image compression/total size on disk).  If either one of the max are exceeded then SN8 crashes.
  •         Perhaps a warning popup is just no longer activating due to a bug.
  •         Also what computationally limits the size of these 'add to celestial sphere' user images?  for example, could we go beyond the 3999 width & 3850 height with common hardware in homes in 2019?
  •          Here are the max width & max height I have been able to successfully add by trial & error using successively smaller dimensions from the much larger public released .tif files::

        e.g. ARP 273 (link)      which is quite beautiful added to SN (link)



B) Add Solar system texture image

          With adding [fyi...tiny] Solar System texture with the add image a pop up dialogue does handle out of bounds user image sizes.  Though it would be better if this dialogue specified the actual dimension limits as indicated in the SN8 manual.

            Actually, even vastly better would be if this dialogue enabled the more novice user to access expanding Starry Night's great Planetary Virtual Textures Collection (link) & add new virtual texture levels using data pulled from ODE/PDS, Lunaserv or other amazing solar system data sources now made available online by taxpayer funds. data.  This would vastly jump Starry Night ahead of Celestia (& Orbiter) which also use Virtual Textures for solar system objects.

   Starry Night appears to currently draw only Virtual Texture levels 0 to 7 & also appears to only support full texture levels rather than levels with only a few tiles.  Celestia has supported levels 0 to 12 as well as partially populated levels for about a decade now:

Celestia's ability to draw partial tile levels up to level 13 which if added to Starry Night would be equivalent of up to Earth12 or Moon12 or Mars12 etc. tile folders (link)

I have posted more about Starry Night & Virtual Textures as well as links to online resources in a response to a different post in the Starry Night 8 Feature Request forum (link).

Kind regards, Chadwick


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