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Quick way to turn names and labels on and off Anthony Spina 4 comments 0 votes None
Sort Comets by Magnitude in SkySafari Liam 1 comment 0 votes Answered
Fingers too fat for the Now button Jim Gallt 15 comments 3 votes None
Highlight all objects within constellation Jamie 2 comments 0 votes None
Observing list's "highlight objects" distinguish between what has already been observed and what has yet to be observed when viewing the star map. Carl Wenning 6 comments 2 votes None
Variable Stars Michael Southam 9 comments 0 votes None
Add Google cardboard view Hans de Wolf 1 comment 1 vote None
Restoring an Observing List to original order Luca Vanzella 14 comments 0 votes Completed
Initialize AP mounts Joel Short 8 comments 0 votes None
Displaying Observing List Objects Hans de Moor 4 comments 1 vote None
user defined objects wtxnitz 1 comment 1 vote None
Is there audio available? Josh Palmer 1 comment 0 votes None
skysafari pro for Windows? Sjmagiera 9 comments 2 votes None